The story of a young man fighting for survival, caught in a war between two races…

Started out as my first NaNoWriMo novel back in 2009 and unfortunately was never finished. Found a backup of it a while ago and read it again, diving into nostalgy… :)

I’m not sure whether to continue this project as a novel or to create a game of it – help me decide!


The story is set in the same world as Essytas, but hundreds of years later. Humans are highly advanced in their technology and live their lives in a world controlled by their government. There are many social problems, especially concerning orphans and job/homeless while the rich live in huge cities, ignoring everything else.

The already in ‘Essytas’ discriminated race of the Remaw is living in few hidden cities around the planet, constantly living in fear of being spotted by the humans. They still rely on magic and haven’t improved on their technologies much.

Ethylien is a young Remaw who was expelled from his village – at least in the novel from 2009, I don’t like this idea (though being the sole survivor of an attack is even worse :) ) – and is looking for a new housing. On his way he finds a bunch of orphans in the outskirts of a human city who decide to put him up. Soon they become good friends and have quite a good time despite often trouble with other gangs. After a major clash however they decide to leave the city once and for all, finding home in an Remaw village.

Soon after beginning their journey they hear the monotonous sound of a helicopter behind them, promising nothing good…


As a novel this would make a great sensitive, touching and still action packed story. In a game the touching part probably won’t matter that much (which is sad actually) but instead leave place for innovative action and still a great story. The way magic works in Essytas could result in a very unique combat style.

At the moment I don’t have the time and the knowledge to create such a game but I sure would want to do it.

I’ll go with the novel for now I guess, I can create the game later on still. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for reading.

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