New project and KDA updates

Decided to release Kart Demolition Arena under the MIT license yesterday, go hack away at the sources. Feel free to share your game with me!

Also found my old 2009 NaNoWriMo novel in the backups and went all nostalgic on it. Check it out!

Next up I started some multiplayer stuff in Ruby. Works halfway decent so far, I’ll post some example code in the next days when it’s getting a bit more mature. It’s using EventMachine for the server right now, really nice gem. Still hope to dump it to decrease dependencies, but as it’s only the server I don’t care too much about it. Client works well with a Thread and an UDPSocket which waits for input and then changes stuff in the thread. Prediction’s gonna be funny …probably not.

Oh hey, and I got GDB working at last. Weeh, 2 bugs less in Rain :)

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