KDA finally finished

This week felt like forever and still was too short to get something great done…

well, I finally consider Kart Demolition Arena for the EGP June ’11 Mashup ‘finished’. It’s in a pretty crappy state, maybe I’ll improve it some time.

C&C appreciated, can’t help you if you can’t get it to run though. The shell script should do the job on Linux, no idea how it will work on Windows/Mac. :P

Also started some minor side project which I’ll mostly do on my netbook. Going to be multiplayer, yay. Ain’t posting much about that, only 1.5 hours of work put into yet so this isn’t even a concept : )

I think I’ll work on Rain next up, she has been left behind quite a bit in the last few weeks.

Also check out what’s going on at E3, there’s some pretty decent games coming out in the next months.

I’m seriously considering creating a Windows partition just to play Skyrim… heh. To my personal disappointment Brink vanished from the surface again, I hoped it would have a bigger impact on the gaming community. As some Rock Paper Shotgun author said, maybe we expected too much. :/

Some seriously interesting concept is DUST 514 from the developers of EVE Online, they want to create a PS3 only shooter game running in the world of EVE, even on the “same server”. That way the tactical pc players will be able to ‘hire’ PS3 gamers to for example invade planets. Haven’t played EVE so I can’t tell much more about that, but it sure is an interesting concept.

My best wishes go to Battlefield 3, DICE really deserves to kick Infinity Ward in their butts. ;)

Also some serious balls to the guys at Arrowhead, they remade the Skyrim’s poster with stuff from their latest DLC and put it up right next to Bethesda’s booth. Nice one!

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