Introduction …some kind of I guess

Finally got around setting up WordPress for some kind of blog/website mixture thingy… needed a bit space for myself off Hazewood. :)

I’m dumping my projects here and plan on writing about game programming/creation in Java and Ruby (I do know how contrary that may sound for some of you) and reviewing or recommending some indie and open source games.

Since this is the first post I’ll also dump some bio so you know who’s writing here :)

I’m 16 years old, living in Germany and working on a few games as a hobby. I like reading, writing and of course programming, suck at graphical stuff and that’s it pretty much already. I take photos as a another hobby though, if you’re interested check out my deviantART page.

Feel free to contact me using ICQ (#371617325) or by email (ryliusk[at]

*sigh* Should post some real content…

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